About Us

I'm a Licensed US Customs Broker with 20 years of experience.

During this time I also worked as a Landscape Photographer in which I exhibited my work in about 3 to 4 Art Galleries in Town.


Recently I got into woodworking and am currently also looking to create pieces of art in other mediums such as clay.


Having worked as a Customs Broker for 20 years I have come to understand the meaning of Customer Service and will be applying what I have learned into this  business.


My mission is not only to create one of a kind artistic pieces,but provide buyers a place where they can find affordable artistic pieces where they can express themselves artistically, whether it be with fashion, home decor, or tools and necessities they to create their own unique pieces.

And although currently the products I am looking to sell are located at a distance,with the exception of the pieces I create, future plans include using my knowledge as a Customs Broker involved in Logistic Services.

This will include the acquisition of a warehouse locally from where I can ship the products ordered and provide a shorter transit time for merchcandise to arrive to a buyers location in days instead of weeks.